Get Moving & Get Sale Ready

Introducing the mio
Sellers Information Pack

Legislative changes are coming, and mio's new Seller's Information Pack provides comprehensive, Trading Standards compliant digital property information all in one place. 

  • ID/AML checks
  • Property Ownership Check using Land Registry data
  • Property flags (flood risk rating, mining, listed building & more)
  • Property Search packs (includes local & drainage searches)

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What our customers say

“We have been providing upfront information over the last 3 years, for well over 1,000 properties. Without question, it has added transparency, flagged up any issues very early on and then had them resolved. Thus, it has speeded up sales and made the firm and my staff more professional.”

“Having mio is a great advantage for us as a tool for winning instructions. Having regular updates from the members of staff and the solicitors coming through to the app is a massive advantage and people feel that they are being kept in the loop every step of the way and communication is key.”

“Since using mio, transaction times have come down, clients are happier, buyers are happier and cash through the pipeline comes through quicker, so I would say it's had a really positive impact!"

mio is already an award-winning Sales Progression software

Want to know more?

How mio works?

mio is a dedicated sales progression platform providing a simpler, quicker more resilient way to progress sales across your business. The intelligent mio dashboard helps improve turnover and reduce the risk of fall throughs by providing you with instant access to the information you need on your pipeline. The award winning mio consumer app also supports you in providing your clients with five-star customer service though the integrated mio consumer app

mio features: the dashboard

  • The mio dashboard gives an instant overview of branch income forecast, pipeline turnover and fall through rates.

  • Branch managers can access a branch team report breaking down pipeline accountability in branch.

  • Branch managers are able to run reports showing pipeline status and milestone update analysis.

  • Highlights issues with inactive sales.

  • Easy, instant access to the data and knowing where to invest your time and energy i.e. Incomplete chains, inactive sales.

mio features: The app

  • Gives a complete view of the property file and the progress made by the agent.
  • Automatic updates and notifications are sent straight to the customers phone.
  • In app messaging service, so customers can contact agent around their own schedule.
  • Specific tasks for the customer to complete.
  • A view of the chain giving everyone peace of mind on the status of all properties.
  • Education guide on the home moving process which informs the client of what the conveyancer is doing and in plain English.  It can also manage expectations with regards to time scales.
  • Allows buyers and sellers ability to collaborate with agents, play an intrinsic part of the progression of the sale.

mio features: The chain view

  • Provides an  easy to understand view of the chain and the properties involved in a transaction.
  • Demonstrates what stage each property is at within the chain.
  • Is shared with the client so they have a true view of what is happening to their purchase or sale via the app.

How to use the platform

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